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Recycling 2000 offers an amazing service for all your unused printer cartridges. As technology is always changing with new printer models appearing on the market your company/Organisation may decide to upgrade and change printers unexpectedly, leaving behind cartridges that do nothing but just take up space Not to mention, the affect it has on your wallet!

Recycling 2000 understands this and therefore offers super cash backs on all your unused printer cartridges; and that’s just a bonus! We will come and collect your unused cartridges for FREE and we donate the cash made from your unused printer cartridges to your chosen charity! Or straight back to you.

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If you want to gain cash back, the phone needs to be in working order and not broken.

Got unused cartridges?

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Packing Tips

To protect your unused printer cartridges from getting damaged, please pack in a separate box do not add with your empty cartridges as you’re likely to cause damage to the box.

To get the best possible value for each item we advise you do not tape the boxes together or add any labelling, this may affect the value and degrade your cartridge.


Grade A: New style box, unused no labels, no writing on the box sealed box and box in perfect condition. image A

Grade B: Old style box, unused, light damage, writing and labels on the box. Image Bgrade

Grade C: Any box (new/old) box damaged, box open, cartridge inside sealed.


Inkjets Printer Cartridges

We collect:
A Grade – in the box, no damage and in date.
B Grade – in the slight box damage and expire no more than 3 years.