Did you know?

  • 15% of cartridges are recycled in the UK. With 65 million cartridges used annually, this means that over 55 million end up in landfill each year
  • Ink Cartridges and mobile phones can take up to 1,000 years to degrade
  • Ink/toner cartridges and mobile phones also release toxic chemicals, which pollute the environment
  • To manufacture an original toner cartridge will have taken some 3.5 litres of oil

Packing Tips

To protect the printer cartridges from being damaged, please make sure all empty printer cartridges are packed safely. We strongly advise you use an empty toner box. Remove all the cardboard inside and you should be able to pack up to 6 toners in 1 box; this should ensure adequate protection. Follow a similar method for the rest of the toners, or alternatively wrap cartridges with plastic bubble packaging or normal bubble wrap then place into main box. Damaged goods will return zero value items cialis priser. Make the most out of your collections.


If you want to gain cash back, the phone needs to be in working order and not broken.

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