Recycling Facts

The rate at which phones are discarded is predicted to be around 125 million phones each year, accounting for a staggering 65,000 tons of e-waste.

For every 5,000 phones that are recycled, we save 11,000-kilowatt hours of energy.

Sending mobile phones to a land fill site present a huge hazard. Mobile phones contain such toxic materials as lead, cadmium, nickel, and/or lithium. When placed in a landfill, these toxins will leech out and contaminate the soil.

Packing Tips

  • Please make sure mobile phones are in working order
  • Do not forget to reset the handset back to factory settings and remove all sim and data cards
  • Please place mobile phones in a separate box
  • Do not include the chargers
  • If you have the original phone box. Great! If not make sure the phone is protected


Mobile phones sent in should be in working order and not broken to be eligible for a cash back.

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