Unused Printer Cartridges

Recycling 2000 offers an amazing service for all your unused printer cartridges. As technology is always changing with new printer models appearing on the market your company/Organisation may decide to upgrade and change printers unexpectedly, leaving behind cartridges that do nothing but just take up space. Not to mention, the affect it has on your wallet!

Recycling 2000 understands this and therefore offers super cash backs on all your unused printer cartridges; and that’s just a bonus! We will come and collect your unused cartridges for FREE and we donate the cash made from your unused printer cartridges to your chosen charity! Or straight back to you.

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Cash Back

The ‘Cash Back Scheme’ is for every recycled good with value we receive, we will credit funds into your recycling account, and we can pay directly to you or to a chosen charity.

Check you used cartridge buyers guide to check how much your empty cartridges are worth.

Business Supporter

Write the details of the organisation you wish to support and you will then automatically become a ‘Business Supporter’ for your chosen non-profit organisation. You can then access your account online to view your statement and manage your donations.


We like to give our customers a win-win situation. That is why our Cash Back Scheme allows you to not only recycle your waste in an environmentally friendly way, but also raise money for your charity.