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Welcome to Recycling 2000 – The place to recycle your used printer cartridges and mobile phones in an environmentally friendly way

Recycling 2000 is an environmentally friendly recycling service, which offers a free collection service for used printer cartridges, toners & mobile phones to businesses and organisations. Our service is completely FREE and we guarantee every product we collect is recycled responsibly. By working closely with the UK’s largest recycling companies we have one common goal, which is diverting recyclable waste from going to landfill.

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Your Used Cartridges & Toners

We also accept unused cartridges

An alternative to sending used toners and cartridges to landfill is to recycle them. We will collect at no cost to you and then recycle old cartridges & toners to avoid them going to landfill.

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Your Used Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can contain sensitive information that is often forgotten when businesses dispose of old mobile phones. Critically this can feature your customers & employees details. Recycling 2000 offers as secure disposal service for old mobile phones where we will collect for free from your offices and then securely recycle.

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